About Sam

Dr. Samuel Liles, has been an enlisted Marine, law enforcement officer (tribal and county), infosec industry leader, professor, CISO, and member of the intelligence community.

His technology career has spanned TOW missile systems, ship and yacht navionics, industrial control systems, mainframe computing, telecommunications management, information technology, and information security management. He worked for various major national defense and telecommunications companies until 2003 when he joined the ranks of academia for what was supposed to be only two years.

Sam has a doctoral degree from Purdue University focused on digital forensics and incident response. He was a tenured associate professor at Purdue University where he worked in the Cyberforensics Laboratory which is affiliated with CERIAS in West Lafayette, Indiana. He specializes in information assurance and security as it is applied to analysis of transnational cyber threats and cyber forensics. His research interests are conflict, technical intelligence, forensic attribution, and embedded systems forensics.

He has held additional academic appointments at Purdue University Calumet. He also held an academic appointment at the National Defense University in the Information Resources Management College where he taught enterprise risk management and nation state conflict in cyberspace. He’s been a (co)author on 2 books, 3 book chapters, 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 Amici Curiae, 14 conference proceedings, and technical editor on 3 books. He has produced 8 technical papers, and appeared in numerous regional and national media venues.