Embedded systems security

A few videos have hit Youtube recently. One references the content in the other. I really like to see the topic being discussed. Watch them in the order presented for the best impact. Dr. Fisher wherever you are, you are awesome. I don’t agree about formal methods, but you’re doing great work. When I see this kind of discussion coming out of DARPA i get kind of misty eyed.

As to Avi Rubin what can you say. The guy explains several threats quite handily and is putting other peoples work on display. Some of these researchers simply can’t get any airplay and to use his time to show off others hard work is actually the ultimate in scientific greatness. Some will say they stole other peoples work, but that is missing the point of science. You build upon others and you teach the best of what you can find. Excellent Mr. Rubin and well done.


Avi Rubin talking about the threats from the Internet of things.

Dr. Kathleen Fisher Program Manager of High Assurance Systems of DARPA bringing up some of the issues of the Internet of things and a possible research vector to fix the darn stuff.

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