Digital forensic books

A not comprehensive reading list. Some of these are new, some are old, but they give a good overview of the discipline. If the book has exercises it is a good idea to do them.


Operating System and Platform Forensics

File system forensic analysis by Carrier

Android forensics by Hoog

iPhone and iOS forensics by Hoog & Strzemka

Windows forensic analysis by Carvey


Memory and Malware Forensics

The art of memory forensics by Ligh

Malware forensics field Guide for Linux systems by Malin & Casey

Malware forensics field guide for Windows systems by Malin & Casey


Network Forensics

Virtualization and forensics by Barrett & Kipper

Network forensics: Tracking hackers through cyberspace by Davidoff & Ham

Internet Forensics by Jones


Incident Management

Handbook of Digital forensic and investigations by Casey

Computer incident response and forensics team management by Johnson

Incident response and computer forensics by Luttgens & Pepe

Placing the suspect behind the keyboard by Shavers


Challenge Books

Hacking computer forensics exposed: Secrets and solutions by Davis & Cowens & Davis

Digital forensics with open source tools by Altheide & Carvey

Violent Python: A cookbook by O’Connor


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