What does GDPR mean to Selil as a website

First, I do not believe or agree that GDPR applies to a personal website when I have already had a privacy policy and terms of use policy in place for over a decade. All content creators agreed to have their information on the website before it was posted. Anybody who made comments had to agree to the Terms of Use. There is no profit motive or business processes applied. However, I do collect basic information that is covered under GDPR.


The following steps will be taken to comply with GDPR.

  • All sign-ups for comments are now disabled.
  • All sign-ups for accounts to read protected content are now disabled.
  • All accounts will be suspended immediately.
  • All posts not written by the authors will be changed to system accounts.
  • All users accounts will be deleted from the system.
  • As per item #1 and #2 no new sign-ups will be allowed.
  • All content in the future will be by the owners and only the owners.


Draconian? Not really.


There is only so much garbage a person will put up with to provide a free, public, and basically easy service. The number of universities worldwide that link to content is dazzling. The number of blogs linked is fairly substantial. The right to be forgotten and data portability are the two primary concerns. That would be time consuming to do in a one off basis when a tiny script can wipe out the database much easier.

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