TED: Liz Coleman’s call to reinvent liberal arts education

 This is an interesting if dry discussion on the current state of higher education and how liberal arts have devolved from generalized concepts to ultra specialization. At Purdue University Calumet a group of professors have tried to bring civic minded projects to the standard curriculum. Where we have brought experiential learning (technical application), standardized foundations of excellence in the first year (freshman experience), what he have not done is bring the principles of good stewardship and citizenship to the student experience.



We are not alone. Agree or disagree with Ms. Coleman the venue of higher education has become more important and less empowering. As a service to society the system of higher education needs to not only advance the concepts of science, technology, and engineering. As a service to society the higher education system must advance the arts of being human and creative entities. A system balanced on the fulcrum of society, higher education balances between the wisdom of Milton and the application of Bacon. The teeter totter of science and philosophy,

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