Category: Cyber Conflict

State on State conflict using a variety of assets within and outside of cyberspace to create specific effects as a form of projection of power.

Attribution of cyber adversaries

Key Points: Attribution has three distinct layers; political, technical, and forensic with each having different confidence levels and analysis strategies Adversaries must interact with systems to exploit them and this creates evidence or anomalies that can be used for attribution…

3 forms of cyber attribution

There are three forms of attribution: 1) Political attribution based on the actors motives and goals. 2) Technical attribution based on tactics, techniques and means of an entity. 3) Forensic attribution based on the evidence of behaviors and facts.  

Strat pack fall down go boom

I’ve been watching the response to Adam Elkus recitation of issues of blogging on grand strategy. I have been following the writing of Adam since he was at Occidental College. I have been following many writers as they start out…

Let’s talk about cyber warfare

Cyber is a short hand for something we don’t understand but we’ll lump it under the word cyber because it is sexy. Cyber can be networks, processing, storage of information, the information itself, cognition, social interaction, and so much more.…